Thursday, April 4, 2013

Better Wrong than Right

Not much to report today.  I did get the what I hope is the final documents to Pam at NVR for processing the loan.  We went back and forth in discussion about the omission of the fireplace from the final appraisal.  We did qualify the loan amount without it, but wondered if it need to be totally correct for other purposes.  Funny though, this appraiser was hired by the VA and not Ryan.   It just leaves me miffed about how accurate these guys are.  Could they be partial contributors to the 2009 housing crisis?  How can you leave an entire fireplace out of an appraisal and make a note about how our house is missing it?

What I did learn from NVR is that not all homeowners involve themselves in the construction progress.  They show up for the walkthroughs and receive the keys at closing.  I don't know about you but if you have a few hundred thousand bucks at stake, you'd better see how it is being spent.  Because of this we have been shamelessly in touch with the entire process to the point of asking relatively stupid questions.  Hey.  Stupid questions are the ones you don't ask, right?

Now, I doubt you are one of those lasseiz faire owners, otherwise you wouldn't be reading blogs, right?

I spoke to Brandon and insisted that the railings were too light compared to our selection chosen at RiteRug.  Instead of going back and forth over the phone, he suggested that I meet him at the house tomorrow morning to discuss the discrepant railing and the uneveness of the floor. 

After work today we went back to RiteRug and take a good look at the sample we had chosen  in November.  The sample we had picked was not there because they had lent it out to Brandon.  Makes sense so we will find out what we can do about it tomorrow.

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