Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Finished Product

We have finally arrived at the eve of the final walkthrough.  Most everything has been done and we are waiting for the following to be finished before closing:
- Carpet and floor leveling in basement
- Bannister stain and finish to a darker shade.
- Dent in one of the kitchen cabinets

As you have probably expected from us, we wil have a dink list ready for Brandon.   For the exterior, due to weather, we will not have everything done but will be given a signed note that they will do the following.
- Paint on the exterior
- Sod and landscape for the yard.
- Hay and seed in the back yard.

After closing we will be making the following improvements immediately
- Fence
- Custom Kitchen Island (We weren't too fond of the boomerang island that Ryan offered)
- Wood/Laminate flooring for the first floor.
- Custom Tile in Master Bath

Besides those items, I think we are done. so without getting wordy, here is pretty much the finished house:

Front View






  1. I really like the layout and flow of the Yorkshire. It's a great floor plan. Love the pictures and finishes. I'm jealous about the deck. We went back and forth on this and ended up deciding to add one after we move in. Our house is 60' wide and I was concerned that even the 14x16 would be too small for the house. Either way, it looks like it will be a great outdoor living space for your family. So BBQ at your house?

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments. The floorplan is quite similar to the smaller Halifax that we are living in so we are happy with the familiarity of the floorplan. The past few days have been good for Amy being able to imagine what the spaces look like with our stuff in it.

      As for the deck, it was a good value taking into consideration what we've paid to have a deck done back in VA and knowing that if I were to do it myself, it would take forever and not look near as good. I do agree that your house would look optimal with a bigger deck. If you're planning to have one built, definitely consider the fella that does it for Ryan. His fit and finish is really good.
      As soon as we settle in and the grill fires up, definitely BBQ at our place. Burgers or bratwurst?---JOHN