Monday, April 8, 2013

Walkthrough and the New Neighbor

Well, the walkthrough day is finally here, which also meant 55 hours until we close and we can call this ours.  Prior to the 0900 appointment, Amy had made arrangements with one of our friends up the street to watch the kids while we could walk through in peace and quiet.  When we arrived, Brandon had the house opened,  the appliances turned on and llights lit.  

Brandon took us through every room of the house, explaining the operations of appliances and windows and how to care for the various surfaces of the house.  At the same time we had our list of discrepancies for Brandon to follow up on.  We had a nice walkthrough list that was posted on .  Thanks for this.

Brandon, in his usual fashion noted those on his own dink list to pass onto the vendor.  This is the thing we have loved about our concerns.  Noted and acted on.  Now the next 48 hours will be a little tense for all those doing follow up work.  Now the house is pretty much signed sealed and will be delivered on Wednesday.   

On my way out to the car at the conclusion of the walkthrough, I saw a what appeared to be a rather large crawdad right under my front tire.  Luckily I saw him too else my Sube would have turned him into pate.   Now this little guy was one of the largest crawdads I have ever seen.  He was about the size of a langosteen and the only explanation of where he came from is that he probably lived a really nice life in the retention pond behind the house far, far away from the natives of Louisiana--this is our first neighbor.  

This crawdad was about 6 inches long!

I guess The reason for his enormous size was because folks from Ohio don't generally eat crawfish and the lack of human predators enable full lives for these mudpuppies   I love a tasty tender crawfish, but  for this little guy, we decided to put him on Lot 10 and gave him a pass on our next crawfish boil.  Hopefully, he will make it back to the pond before Lot 10 breaks ground.  Good luck little guy.

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