Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Baby's Ours!

Behold, our new Hacienda!
Life calmed down as we got to the house and pulled the minivan into our Garage the first time.  Crossing the threshold into the house as homeowners for the first time was kind of surreal.  This was finally ours.  We got to see this place go up brick by brick and were looking forward to all of the beautiful memories that would be made here.  While the kids ran wild through the whole house I plopped myself on the basement rug to deflate from the day's drama and took it all in.  We finally felt rooted.

Brandon, in typical Brandon fashion had taken care of all the items on the dink list.  Our bannnisters were perfect, the walls were smooth, and the dented cabinet in the kitchen was replaced.  You know, I'm probably going to see him around, but I'm going to miss the daily/weekly interaction with him.   He did a great job with our house and I can honestly say that you won't find a better PM in this company.   If Ryan Homes makes Brandon's method and attitude a benchmark for all PMs, they will definitely prosper and leave a trail of happy homeowners.

Kelly, our SR, has been fantastic.   Though we didn't see her everyday during the building process, she was always there hear our rants, laugh with us at our madness, and run our crazy (and often after-the-fact) requests up the flagpole.   She and Brandon work well together and her presence was felt during the whole process.  Kelly has this unflinching focus on the new homebuilding process and oftentimes can relate as she has been through the process herself.  She's great at what she does and we felt lucky to have her as a friend of the neighborhood.

Aside from the drama surrounding closing day, this has been a great experience and though we were apprehensive at first, building with Ryan turned out to be a good decision.  But as said, whoever you build with, involve yourself in the process as much as you can.   You'll be much happier with the results.  

Funny, as I'm writing this, it feels like the last entry,   Actually, this will be an ongoing blog talking about this now finished product.  Now comes the moving process.  Stay tuned for the hotwash as well.