Friday, April 5, 2013

Finishing Touches.

Today, the day began with a trip to the house to meet Brandon and the painter to discuss the finish on the Bannisters.   We took the bannister sample and compared it with the work done in the house and indeed the sample was much darker than the finished product.   Brandon explained that they will try and refinish the horizontal pieces of the bannister to get them darker and that will run into the morning of closing on Wednesday.

We did get the issue of the uneven floor in the basement on Brandon's radar and he said that he would get the concrete guys to come and even things out.   In order for this to happen, the carpet in the basement had to be removed which can prove to be a daunting task.

Re leveling and Re carpeting of the Basement.

While discussing the uneven floor Brandon had explained that the carpet in the basement was 2 different shades and RiteRug had agreed to come back and redo the basement carpet.  What a coincidence.  In any case, the carpet would need to be pulled up regardless.   Kudos to Brandon for finding that discrepancy.  We definitely would have missed that. 

Later today, we came back and used the driveway for the first time.   It was a little difficult to maneuver a minivan into the garage, so both Amy and I are needing a little practice.   The yard was graded and aside from the items on the upcoming dink list and the work on the basement floor, the house is pretty much finished.  We are pleased with the product and will be looking forward to Wednesday.  We can't wait to finally call this home. 


  1. So that light at the end of the tunnel wasn't a train? We are very excited for you guys and have enjoyed watching your journey. Good luck with closing and moving into your beautiful home. We should be breaking ground the week after next. Had our meeting with the PM last week. You're right, he is a great guy.

    1. I can't tell you how relieved we are that it wasn't a train! Everyone has been good all the way around from Kelly in sales, Brandon in production, Ron at Guardian and Dean at NVR. We are excited for you about your groundbreaking as well. I am sure you will enjoy having Brandon as your PM. He has been doing great work on the Benham side as well. All the best to you.--JOHN