Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12/2/2012 More Selections

Amy cut her trip short and ended up back in the area on 1 December.  Today, we decided to go and visit Kelly to solidify our selections for the exterior of the house.   Fortunately for us, Ryan had just released a new selection of colors so after a couple of hours of taking colors outside to look at them in broad daylight we ended up with a solid, brown  brick, grey siding and navy blue  shutters.   We locked in the selections and was confident that we have made choices that will result in a unique and attractive home.  

Because timing was really good we had the "first on the block" choices to choose from.  The brick selection, Farmington Engineer was new to Benham estates and we were the first to get it!  We were also privy to some new siding/accent colors too.  Our door and shutters were going to be Navy and the siding will be a light mist--a predominately grey bluish mist.  

It was kind of funny...we looked at the combination and realized that these selections make this house resemble our old town house in Alexandria--funny!
Our exterior choices


The Guardian representative called today and cancelled our appointment  due to illness.  Will be waiting to hear from him for a resked.  Since the 27th of November, I have been trying to get all 78 pages of my documents to Dean at NVR with no success.  The culprit:  The mail server kept rejecting my emails.   I 've tried Yahoo mail, Gmail, and Google drive but did not have success.  So today in desperation, I went back to faxing with success after several tries.  I guess old ways worked best.   It was today that we were acquainted with our NVR processor, Pam.  Both Pam and I were delighted that the paperwork requirement has been fulfilled.

12/16/2012 NVR Comes Back with Approval Letter!

Pam, our processor at NVR emailed us today with an approval letter and a small list of documents needed for completion of paperwork.   One of these items was proof that I had a cancelled check for my earnest money.  WTF?  Don't you think that they would be the first to know if my check didn't clear.  I have been able to swallow most of these document requests but that one irked me quite a bit.   Regardless of what I thought, I had to comply.  Not without sharing with Pam what I thought though.

12/19/2012 Pre-construction Meeting Scheduled

We received an email from Kelly to see if we could make a 1/4/2013 appointment  with Brandon, our project manager.  After no success of rescheduling this appointment on a Tuesday or Thursday, we agreed to see him on this date.   In our reply, we expressed some concerns to Kelly that production may run over our timeline of June 2013--when the lease of our present home expires.  


  1. My husband and I closed on our Ryan Home Yorkshire back in August and we LOVE IT! It's an amazing house! I have a blog ALL about it if you want to check it out! I haven't been blogging much since we moved in, but I'm hoping to get back into it soon. I look forward to following your progress and even seeing how you decorate the house when you are all moved in!

    Here's my link! http://buildingouryorkshire.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi CMM!
      Thanks for reaching out! I will definitely stop by and check your blog out. As this is our first new construction, your blog perspective is helpful (and needed). We are thrilled to know that you are enjoying your home and had a good experience with Ryan.

      Happy New Year!