Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Groundbreaking Week (or not)

So Monday, we're expecting a ground breaking as the clouds cleared on Monday as Brandon has predicted.  I couldn't make it to the site this week, so I had Amy go out and take pictures as they were excavating.  Amy reported that they didn't and were awaiting permits to excavate.  Really?   I guess the weather wasn't to blame for this delay but it was the permits.  At the same time, Amy was having heartache with the orientation of the fireplace.  Somehow in the planning/pricing meetings we did not have the choice but to put it on the back wall of the family room and it did not pose to be a problem then.   Now she wanted it on the side wall of the living room--after the production release had been signed!  So, we asked if we can have this change in fireplace arrangement and though the answer was never no, it was going to cost us in time and money to rerun the permits.   Kinda miffed right now at Brandon for leaving out this permit thing and Amy for not making an issue of this until now.  Brandon and I are going to have a talk about this when I get out there and Amy has let the fireplace issue rest--for now.  Sometimes I wonder if all of these customizations are worth the headache.   In a pre-existing house, at least we can just suck it up and accept it--end of story

Guardian, surprisingly has been MIA and so I emailed Ron yesterday.  Turns out he got the wrong email address and did get the estimates to me in a timely fashion.  But, going to review his proposals and decide whether they are worth the money.

Hopefully, the permit people get off their keesters so we can start on this house.   We'll see.

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