Monday, January 28, 2013

Footers and Snow


Amy is freezing in the basement with our tarped footers!
Today, the trend of freezing temperatures continued.  Since Amy's mom was at home with the kids, we decided to scoot on out to see the progress on the homesite.    Though I did not expect too much to be done, some digging and placing of the footers did give some signs that there was progress.  Tarping of the footers and the ground in the basement was definitely a tell tale sign that the ground was being protected during the brutal temperatures.  On our way out, we stopped at the model to see Kelly and visualize some of the choices that we made on our house.  

Typical RH fireplace.  Photo courtesy of RH.
We did come accross a revelation after seeing the stone fireplace at the model.  If we mounted a HDTV on it with the prewire, the TV would be much too tall for any comfortable viewing while seated in the living room.   Sadly, it was then we decided to axe the HDTV prewire option--to the savings of about 450 dollars.   Also, with savings at the Guardian front, we decided to go with the brushed nickel faucets but would let Kelly know when she returned next week.

It still freezing and so we decided to pay a visit to the homesite again.  Surprisingly, there was some progress on the footers and it looked like some of the earth was moved for the piping of what was to be the sump or something.   The ground was blanketed to protect the ground from freezing.  The great thing about all of this is that with the freezing temps, mud hardens and spares you from sinking.  


This morning, a surprise call from Brandon with the weekly status on the house.  The fact that he does this periodic update is a great and welcomed surprise   Footers are in and the should be looking to put of the walls and pour the concrete for the foundation.  I reiterated to Brandon that we do have some leeway in time and I would rather have the house done right than quickly.   What followed was a busy weekend of soccer games and church which did not give us time to go out and look at the house.

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