Thursday, January 31, 2013

Despite the Weather...There is Progress!


That's the  threshold of the 2 car garage.

Wednesday--the middle of the week and what a long week it has been!  I had to work late last night, so I did not get to see the house yesterday.   It had been raining earlier in the day so I wasn't sure if there was any work done at the site.    Amy wasn't feeling well, so Mikey and I went to the site and saw some great work going on. The walls used to form the foundation were all up and the concrete had been poured.   Some fine gravel had been poured in the footprint of the house and the garage.  The ground was extremely muddy so getting around the site was near impossible.   Luckily there is a gravel driveway which helps the situation just a little.   Looking at the thresholds of what was to be the garage it was about 3 feet higher from what I was standing.  This got me thinking of how high this house is going to be.  This really helps with the visualization of the placement of the house.


Today, I left work to some heavy snow.  The accumulations were just starting so we decided to go out to the house.  Besides, I wanted to follow up with Kelly about the upgrade to nickel faucets for the house anyway.  

Yay.  Lumber is here.  Framing's not too far away.

The forms for the foundation walls were removed and it looked like more gravel was placed within the basement and garage walls.   Most noteworthy was that the wood forming the frame of the house was finally delivered to the site.  Taking a good look at the frame package, it looks like the walls were already assembled off site and delivered.  This was quite novel from the conventional way of framing where they deliver a slew of lumber and they built the frame on site.  Verdict is still out on which way is better though.  

Once the framing goes up, the visualization of the house will become easier.   We can't wait.   Today, Tom and Don, two of my co-workers gave a good suggestion on a little QA excercise to chart the quality of the build.  One of the most important phases of the construction is forming the foundation and the frame.  With a 4' level and a T square we should be able to spot check the quality of the work.    Discrepancies at this phase may be a bit of a pain to correct, but corrections here will set the rest of the build.  I will be making an appointment to walk through with Brandon sometime next week.  

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