Friday, January 4, 2013

The Pre Construction it feels real!


A Lot of Snow (get it?)
Happy New Year!  We started out this year with some really chilly weather and definitely concerns about starting a house in this kind of weather.   The Ryan Homes nightmares on past products with settling structure and cracking concrete are common folklore with past Ryan customers and this Ryan Halifax we are living in.  It is my hope that our PM Brandon addresses these issues with at least a confidently composed theory.

On a sidebar, it seems like everyone that is in the Ryan Homes machine does seem on par with a very consistent style of customer service, knowledge, and sense of urgency.  It's like shopping at a very large department store in which they hand you off from department to department without any seams in the transition.  This is definitely a testament to Ryan and we hope it continues. 

Our appointment at 12:30 came and since we hadn't been there to visit our lot since early December, we were surpised how great Washington Trace looks in the winter.   I can almost imagine the kiddles playing in the snow out here--almost Dikensesque!

Brandon and Kelly were waiting for us and of course we were a bit late, but they did not seemed to be bothered with that.   The meeting was very informal and first, we went down the list to confirm the options that we had chosen as we went through the framer's blueprint of the house.  There were some that were pretty straight forward, others needed clarification through Kelly, who was intently going over the list herself, making sure that all of the items jived with what we were wanting. 

We went over the lot and house placement over the lot.  We didn't care either way but our house will have the garage to the right of the house, my imagination kept putting on the left of the house.  Just an adjustment, not a flaw.  We went over the plot where the sidewalks and driveways were to be poured and the house was to be placed.  The house sits about 30 feet from the curb which leaves a heck of alot of back yard out there.  I think I've justified buying a riding mower!

Most importantly, Brandon communicated to us about his M.O. and some of the rules if we want to see our baby being built (of course we do!).  He's more of a phone call type of guy (and I'm more of an email).   Emails get answered at the end of the day and phone calls are answered that same day.   He will call us for weekly status and invites us to report any discrepancies to him.  Overall, Brandon seems like a professional and very transparent.  He does seem like someone who wants to build a professional friendship with you and will give you a thorough explanation on any question you may have. 

We went back out into the Ohio tundra and took a little ride out to lot 11 to go over how this house was going to be placed on the land.  We saw that there was alot of activity going on in this new phase of Benham Estates.  Alot of ground was being dug up all over to establish utilities and one new foundation on another house.  The lot was already staked out and Brandon walked us through the snow, showing us where the garage was, the outer perimiter, and the placement of the untilities.  The walk around was cool even though it wreaked havoc on the loafers.  Note to self, bring cheap construction boots!

So, 2013 is off to a good start!  Ground breaks on the 11th weather permitting.  We're grateful to Kelly, Brandon, and the gang for getting us into production and looking forward to seeing this creation grow.  

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