Monday, January 28, 2013

And the Beat Goes On...

Didn't think I would quote a Sonny and Cher song did you?   With age comes the privilege to do so.   Today was a day full of miserable drizzle in the morning.  All I could think about in this miserable Seattle-esque weather is how muddy and wet the site is going to be.   Because we needed to see the site with our final Guardian meeting following, we went out to Benham Estates to guage the progress and hope to catch Kelly to ask about the change order for the bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Moen Eva in Brushed Nickel.

As expected the ground was totally muddy and I nearly lost my shoe in the mud with had a dog-doo like consistency.  Despite the morning and early afternoon drizzle the guys did keep progress moving.   On the site, they had brought in the walls for forming the foundation and poured some fine gravel along the bottom of what was to be the basement. 

Foundation wall forms--delivered!

Before my meeting with Ron from Guardian, I met with Kelly, our SR to see about making a change order regarding the bathroom faucets.  It was easier said than done at this stage of the game.   Kelly was going to check with her managers to see if the order had been filled.  If not, we stood a good chance to make a change order--no promises, of course.   At this time, I could be only grateful that she was willing to push the request up the chain.  

At 6:30, we finally met with Ron regarding our selections.   Our selections were pretty much basic but we were happy to see that Ron did not resort to the hard sell in getting you to buy more.  Our meeting concluded on a friendly note and we had made a tentative appointment to meet Ron at the homesite after framing and mark all of the places where we want our TV, phone, and data lines.   Very cool. I'm looking forward to this third meeting with Ron.  He has been great to work with.

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