Friday, February 1, 2013

Setting Off for the Weekend!

Well, we got to the site a little later today--Amy picked up a shift at North Village this evening.  So, it's just the boys and me--kind of a guys night type of thing.   Really thinking about picking up Ted at Redbox and something for the boys.   Still up in the air.

Brandon gave me the weekly update this morning and admittedly, he told me that progress was slower than expected but moving.  With the weather being as crappy as it has been, I've been more than pleased to see that there has been some movement everyday.  So in upcoming days, Brandon reported that the foundation plumbing will go in with some rebar before the foundation is complete.   This all should take them into late next week.   I've been impressed with the consistency of timeliness of Brandon.   The professionalism has shown on every facet of this experience.

After a quiet day at work, I scooped up the kids and we minivan-ed it to Benham Estates and gave Kelly a toot as we drove past the Ryan Homes Model.  Arriving at the site I saw that more work was done.  A insulating wrap had been put around the foundation.   I got to go to the back of the house and was able to look in to see that the plumbing was being put in place awaiting to be backfilled, steel put in and concrete poured.   Happy with progress. 

Plumbing lines installed in basement

Insulation wrap on basement-foundation wall.
 Also, late last night Kelly did get back to me about the brushed nickel upgrades and it is a go!   Though it is unorthodox to get changes done, they found it within their scope to let us have the upgrade.   Kudos to Kelly for running it up the flagpole.   She is truly awesome.   Even though alot of the interaction at this point is with Brandon, Kelly hasn't ever left our side and has always been there to answer our questions, help with requests and share in our joy.

So, now we have brushed nickel faucets in our home!   We are happy campers indeed!

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