Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slow due to Snow...

Our secured window/door order.

Today is Tuesday and oddly enough, it will be the last day we will be by the house before heading off to Nebraska for Chinese New Years.    Since I haven't driven long distance in awhile I'm actually looking forward to some straight road, no drama driving.   We stopped by the house after dinner this evening and saw that they had done some filling of the foundation and our window order was chained up at the curb.   Though we were happy that our windows were secured, I seriously doubt that the chain was more of a deterrent than a preventative measure.   So this is it for about week.  See sweeping changes on the next few posts.

The rest of the lumber was delivered today.
For a change, there was no snow falling or single digit temperatures so we were able to get out to the site and have a look around.   It looks like more of the lumber came on site to include the trusses and more parts of the frame.   The garage was nearly done as far as backfill and it looked like the steel supports were in along with the completed in-foundation plumbing and backfill.   We could walk into the "garage" and peer at the progress over the main part of the house.  A couple of boards were placed over the mail steel beam--I'm assuming that the trusses will run in this fashion.  With the ground frozen, we could walk over the piles of dirt and see the progress without sinking into the mud.

Overall, progress is moving along.   Looking forward to the next steps!


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