Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Busy Week with Bricks!

Well, the weekend was less than restful.  Between Mikey's soccer game, Church activities, and fighting this wicked cough, I was dragging by Monday.   Of course, no day off for me on President's day.

Bricks are Here!

I got to the house and I see that our bricks have finally arrived.   For the first time, the ground around the house was solid enough for me to walk around.  It looks like they will be going up soon.    What I saw was a really good house, even in its rough form.   Through an open garage door,I had a quick look around to soak in the dimensions of the house.  The more you see it, the more real it becomes for you internally.   With our Gurardian mark-out appointment tomorrow, I am going to look at the internal structure with more detail.  Stay tuned.

With two events at Church today we decided to squeeze in a visit at the new homestead.  We were still soaking in the dimensions and noticed that the HVAC ducts were in place.  Progress looked good. 

HVAC ducts.

Not too much change from our Valentine's day report but we did get to slip in and view the dimensions of the house for the first time.   The initial feeling was that the house seemed smaller than we envisioned.  That led us to remember the visit to the Yorkshire B up the street and the memories of that visit led us to remember the dimensions in that house.  Spacing for the first time on our house was real.  With the folks working in the basement, we did not get to see much down there.

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