Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Revelations


We have finally arrived at Friday.  With all that was going on at work and following President's Day, it amounted to a very long work week.  Don't know why.  Testing at work was done for the week and Friday is a relatively light day for us.   I figured that I would put in some time for the house.

My first order of business was to shoot an email to Brandon with some concern items before our Monday meeting.   This included the half done porch roof, daily access to the house, and an outlet for the kitchen floor.  Again, Brandon was quick to respond and in discussing the issues with him.  He gave me an answer for my inquiries.   The roofers had run out of shingles, but that's OK since the underlayment was there.  They will be finishing the roof on the porch next week.   The electricians had put in the outlet to the kitchen floor they just haven't cut out the hole for it yet.

He did notice my green tape, marking the discrepant parts of the house but did not scold me for taking it upon myself to do it.   I guess he wants me to be as happy and satisfied with the house as possible.  A gold star for Brandon.

When it came up to see the house daily, we needed to be with Ryan personnel in order to tour the house for insurance reasons.  Well, being that it legally wasn't my house and such a rule was probably due to some jerk who got himself hurt and sued Ryan, I really couldn't push the issue.   Since I get off at the same time as Brandon, seeing the house every day was going to be a problem and taking off of work a couple of hours everyday wasn't the answer as well.

After pondering all of the options, I'll just have Amy visit around 1:00 MWF since Mikey's preschool is nearby.   She has a much keener eye and will ask him about everything.  I'll probably do a meeting weekly once I week.  That should keep my leave balance in check.

I had some surfing time and went to read the blogs about Ryan owners and their experiencing,seeing what each of them had done during our current phase of the build.  I did run into Mike P's blog and man was it helpful.   One of the great ideas he had was putting this 2" PVC pipe that ran from the attic to the serve as a conduit for the low voltage media.  I immediately emailed Kelly about this and hope that the plummers can do something like this before drywall goes in.  Hope so.  

This evening, it looked like they didn't make too much headway with the brick work and there was a fella working in the house, correcting some of the discrepant carpentry--I'm assuming.   Ventwork also looked done  I saw new grates over the ventholes.  Hopefully these aren't the ones I am getting. They look a little beat up...

So, another good day with Ryan!  With Kelly and Brandon handling this,  I am having a good experience.   Hope this continues!

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