Monday, February 25, 2013

The Pre-Pre Drywall Walkthrough.

Hello Blogger!  As previously written, I had arranged to meet with Brandon regarding alot of the framing issues found in the house during our covert and not-so-covert visits to the site.   Surprisingly Brandon is actually a good sport about us doing QA parallel to his QA.   Got to the site at 0730 and he was there picking up some of the garbage on the site.  

For three of the visits we looked over the framing work and marked it with a number and some green tape and logged it into our list of discrepancies.   Without wasting time I walked with Brandon through all 23 of my discrepancies.  

Our Green Tape was all over the place!
Now, I am not  a experienced inspector, but most of these discrepancies were pretty obvious and it wouldn't cause any heartbreak to have Brandon explain the work.   We felt that he needed to provide that as a customer service.  Besides, that level of receptiveness keeps me from freaking out on him.
Yay!  They finally completed the roof!

 Actually, going through, Brandon would either explain why the discrepancy was OK, or mark it for correction.   All through this, I am wondering in awe how receptive he was.  It has been my experience in Construction, getting folks to redo their work was equivalent to pulling teeth.  In addition I did ask him about our half-roofed porch (boo on the roofers) and the mud on the studs.    He said that he had those on his to do list and we confirmed the Pre-drywall meeting for tomorrow.

We got to the house after work today and took a gander at the changes in the house.   Fiberglass insulaton was put in the house and the house looked rather "full".  To my delight, the mentionables on my discrepany list were corrected.  After 2 weeks, the roofers finally finished the roof on the porch!  Because we walked in after hours, we ran into Larry who was one of Brandon's guys who was locking up for the day.  Very friendly and courteous and he told us that we'd be seeing a lot more of him.  


We took a break on Saturday and went furniture shopping after Mikey's indoor soccer game.  Great news is that his team won!  The opposing team only had three kids show up so it was a forfeit.  A victory is a victory any way we can get it.


So, today after Church, I was in a post lunch coma and Amy wanted to go to the house and look around.  So we paid the site a visit.    In testament that these cats work on the weekends, we found that they had finished all of the brick, so the house does look kind of cool.   We tooked across at the newest house on our side of the street and they had finally finished the framing.  Now it was a Yorkshire B as well!  The orientation is opposite ours so it was pretty cool to see.  Another difference is that they don't have the porch option.   We ended up meeting these folks as well.  Looks like we are going to have at least some friendly neighbors.  

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