Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Starting to Look Like a House!


This morning, Brandon calls with his weekly update a day early.   Funny, I thought.   How did he know we were leaving this evening for the week? He usually calls Friday morning and I didn't tell him I was leaving.  This dude is sharp.   The main point of the call was to let us know that framing is going to happen next week.   That is actually the best part to watch but with being out of town and Church, I won't be able to see it until Thursday evening next week.   Booooo.   It's going to kill me not to be able to visit the house for a week.   Until next week, It's holiday roooooooad.

The family Truckster
The Griswold's are back!  Our excursion to Omaha, NE and stops to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis were uneventful and we had a great time.  Since it was Chinese New Year, we paid a visit to Amy's kin in Omaha.  On our way back we stopped off for a day in Indianapolis to see the Hot Wheels exhibit at the Children's Museum there.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it.
A Hot Wheel we can all agree on.

So this is our first day back and I am raring to see the house but with Ash Wednesday services at Church, I wasn't able to go.   Fortunately, Amy got to see the house and took some pics.   The framing looked mostly done and it's starting to really look like a house.  

All I can say is wow.   That framing team really kicked butt and took names.  All of this in one week is impressive.  The frame is up and so is the Tyvek.  The roof is tarped and the windows are in.  From what Brandon says, we have made it over the hump and the production schedule will continue on regardless of weather.    Since the groundhog saw its shadow, this will be good news.  Luckily for me, I will be going out to the house tomorrow.   I am sure that this is when production starts really taking off.   Happy to see the face of our little home.   Hopefully, this is becoming real for Amy as well.  Notice the differences between ours and the illustrated pick on the right hand of the blog.   The side entry garage will distinguish it from the other 4 Yorkshire B with porch models.

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