Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back At the Homesite Again.

Happy Valentines Day!   Since Amy and I married and had kids, Valentines Day has become a family affair rather than a couples affair.   It's not really a loss but a evolution of how we celebrate our love for each other.   Perhaps a warning sign that we are becoming like minded, we both got each other fruit bouquets.  Amy made mine but I got hers at Edible Arrangements.  I figured that since I lack talent and time in fruit floral arranging, I'd leave it to the professionals.  Besides, when does a gift give you a few days worth of vitamin C?  

Flowers you can eat!
I received a call from Brandon for he weekly update this morning.  It was Thursday, but I figured that he was wanting to report the good progress.  Framing went up extremely quick and though I was impressed with the time frame, I'm hoping that quality did not suffer.   Brandon said that coming up in the next week would be electrical, plumbing, and the on site Guardian visit.  So we set a tentative drywall meeting and if I heard right, we have a little over a month to go.   Great news, I thought and packing will commence at the rental home in prep for the big move.

It took us a bit after work to get to the house.    I will spare you the details as to why.  Heck, I'm not sure at this point, but we went out of there during dusk and got to see the house 
before sunset.  


Garage Doors IN!
The Rear of the House
Roof is ON!

There was progress on the house.  They had one guy working on ours and there was quite a few on the one across the street.   Though we broke ground a month before they did, they are catching up fast and furiously.  I can see them catching up in a couple of weeks.  As Brandon had mentioned this morning, the roof and garage doors are ON! So, I think the house can be officially locked up and sealed.  Though the pre-drywall meeting is over a week away, I'd like some time inside the structure to confidence check the levels and squares of the structure.

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  1. Your roof looks so good! You've had slow progress in your house, but I can see it's all worth it. Brandon must've tolled long days of work to end up with this fantastic piece, am I right? Anyway, months passed already and I hope your house construction is already done. Is it? :)

    Town & Country Roofing