Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guardian Mark Out and a Closer Look

Today, temperatures took a horrible dip (again), but with the house structure up and sealed, it shouldn't slow down progress.  After a very speedy 25 minute drive from work, I was on time meeting Ron from Guardian to mark out the outlet locations for all of the low-voltage wiring.   Most of the locations were under recommendation from Ron, not because we had no idea, but because Ron reminds you of those things that you usually forget about when at a meeting like this.   Since I was there before Amy we did alot of the marking before she got there but Ron was good about showing Amy all that we had done to get her seal of approval.   I did forget to mention that at the same time, there was a crew in the beginning stages of running all of the electrical wiring and rough-ins and they didn't seem to pleased that we were in the way.   A couple of times, I was thong-ed by a run of three-conductor--guess I should watch where I'm stepping!  Looks like those electricians were on a mission and as long as they do it right, I don't care how fast they go.

After we signed off with Ron, Amy, the kids, and I took a look around and examined the structure.   This frame has alot of imperfect studs.  Also, there are alot of cracked, split, and unrepaired studs.   Not happy with that and will be talking to Brandon about it.  I figured that the speed of which the house went up and the quality of the work was a inversely proportional relationship.  To say otherwise was too good to be true.   Even with that being said, if the frame of the house isn't right, no drywall will go up if I can help it.  Kinda pissed off at the work tonight but I do trust that Brandon will make it right.

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