Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Pre-Drywall Inspection

Today, we hit another milestone on this journey--the pre-drywall inspection.  In a nutshell, your PM will go over all of the things that were done in the house prior to the drywall arriving on site and before the county and Energy Star inspectors arrive to do their thing.   Again, we had a 0730 appointment with Brandon at the homesite but this time it was Amy, me and our two little ones in tow--and it was muddy and raining. 

Not much had changed since we had seen it the night before and after having pored over each one of the 2X4s inside the house we were quite familiar with the house at this point.  Brandon told us that he had the place cleaned and went over every inch of the house, front to back, side to side, and floor to ceiling, answering every quesiton and affirming every change order that we had put in.  

As said yesterday, to our delight, our concern areas marked with green tape had been mitigated from whe could see, split boards were braced and sloppy work was corrected.   At this point, Amy and I felt better of going into drywall now that everything was corrected.  What I also failed to mentioned yesterday was that everything was sealed and boards around the perimiter of the house were caulked to be somewhat air-tight.   It definitely looks like they do take the Energy Star very seriously and it has forced the builder's hand to design and build a very energy efficient home.  At the end of it all, we were given a survey and signed that we did the pre-drywall walkthrough.   At this point, we received our final walkthrough dates (April 8, 2013) and our closing (April 10, 2013).

It was nice that Ryan homes wanted feedback on our experience with the process.  For Brandon, he gets a 10.  I really have no complaints about him.  When it asked about how I felt about the quality of the materials, I gave them a lesser rating.  Sadly, if I had put a 10, I would not have been real honest with myself.  With such a high percentage of scraggly 2X4s and so many split 2X4s that needed (and were) corrected, how can anyone give them a 10?

Later this afternoon, Amy received a text from our neighbor-friends up the street telling us that they were delivering the drywall today.  Her little boy was watching from their house in fascination.   We returned later that evening in hopes of catching a glimpse of the drywall in the house but it was dark and everything had been sealed up...booo.

I'm going to give Brandon a buzz and set up a walkthrough with him and Amy for Thursday.   All in all, a great day. 

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