Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bricks are Coming Up!

This evening, we got out later than usual to the house so we were at the brink of darkness when we arrived.  Amy was cooking ribeyes for dinner and I wanted some quality time with them.  The brick layers were finishing up for the day and packing to go home.   Looking at the other houses on the block, we saw that they were leaving for the day as well.  

Bricks are starting to come on.

There was some significant brickwork on the house today.  They got the South and West walls of the garage and were about a third up on the front of the house.   Inside the garage, they nailed plywood to the wall that the garage and the rest of the house share.  This was some sort of fire wall if I am not mistaken.

Electrical progressed a little more from what I had seen.   Need to get inside to take a deeper look.  I am preparing a list of discrepancies (or rather percieved discrepancies) to go over with Brandon on Monday.

Now that the house needs to be closed up, I need to arrange with Brandon to see it every day after work.  I am hoping that can be arranged.


Earlier in the day, I emailed Brandon on my concerns with the 2X4s in the frame of the house and he called me right away.  Talk about service..he gets a 10 for that one.   I told him that it was a bit long and drawn out and we agreed to meet first thing in the morning on Monday.   He did start to explain some of the methods to the madness of the woodwork and I said that if the explanation (not excuse) was within reason, I would be willing to listen.   Now I did see evidence of Brandon marking areas of the frame for correction with orange spray paint and a marker.  I'd like to look at those and see Q&A from his point of view.

There were some split boards in the framing and I am going to insist that those be reinforced.   Though i am not happy with the amount of scraggly end-type pieces that Ryan does not discard in it's build, I'm going to put it on the topics of discussion with Brandon.  

After work, I did stop by and mark the areas that I wanted for discussion and will be putting them on a list to go over when I meet Brandon on Monday.   We did get about 10 of them on the first floor today, will see if I can get the others before Monday else it is going to be a long morning on Monday for Brandon and I.   Looking through,  the previous days work on the electrical looks done---all junction boxes were wired up as well as the lighting.   We didn't see the outlet that is supposed to be in the middle of the kitchen floor, so we'll put it on the list for Monday.   All of the Guardian wiring is now done with a little frame for connective faceplates.  


Good work for today.   Still kind of nervous about the boards.  

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