Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our First Function with Neighbors!


Not much going on at the site today.  However, we ended up in the new neighborhood to attend a birthday party.  Steve and Jenn built and closed on a Ryan home up the street from our site and their house turned out gorgeous.    They have two boys and get along rather well with ours so it's been most comforting to move into a neighborhood where you have at least 1 friendly neighbor.  

It was nice to chat with Steve and hear that their build experience was a rather good one.  Though they had a different SR than we did, they had Brandon as their Project Manager as well and gave us some insight into Brandon's MO.   Still pretty impressive.     Walking through their house, it gave me an opportunity to absorb what a newly finished Ryan Home was like without all of the lavish trappings of a model home to lure buyers.  

Even when comparing notes with Steve, it looks like we are doing OK and on the right track.   Now if this weather clears up long enought to get framed and roofed!   We drove by the site after the party and work was at a standstill--after all it is Saturday.

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