Friday, March 15, 2013

A Break in the Weather and More Progress

Happy Friday Everyone!  It's been a great day as far as the house is concerned.   If I haven't told you all already, We just entered the 30 day lock period for the mortgage and so we have been waiting for the points on the percentage rate to be ideal before telling NVR to lock it in.   So, for the last couple of weeks, it's been quite a nervous game.  What really sucks about this period in a construction situation like this is that you really only have half of that to lock in your rate because you have to have your rate locked 2 weeks before closing.

For the last week, I have been emailing Dean at NVR Mortgage everyday to monitor the points on the mortgage rate.  Last week, when we entered our 30 day lock period, the points were getting less and less appealing.  I was starting to get worried.  The last 4 days we saw some recovery on that and decided to go one day past our target point rate to lock.   Today was that day.  We locked in with what we considered an optimal point rate.   This was even better than the terms at USAA.   Thanks for this one.  Now, if everything goes right, I won't have to take money to closing---too awesome.

So all of this left me rather elated and I practically skipped out of work.  We arrived at the homesite and both Troy, who was doing the trim and our siding guys were wrapping up their day.  The great thing about this group of tradesmen, they do really treat the homeowners nicely when we arrive at the site to take a peek.   

Our  Drop in Cooktop
Siding's almost finished.
Microwave has arrived.
Well the remaining doors were all put up,  the microwave arrived and the cooktop was installed.   Plumbing had installed all of the interior faucets, toilets, and drains.   Today Troy finished the trim in the basement.  He also warned me that the bannister leading down to the basement had been damaged and they were ordering a replacement.   Our siding friends had finished all but the siding from the gables.   Once the gables are completed and the shutters are on, it is going to look great.


  1. John, your house looks great. We are building a Highgrove in Wallingsford (starting April 15th for a July 24-25 finish) and every time I go out there I drive through the community to see the progress on the other sites. Yours has been making wonderful progress along with the others on the street. We're getting the same brick (Sugar Creek) as the one closer to the end of your street so we've been watching that home evolve to see how this brick turns out after being washed. Congratulations and good luck. You're extended cyber family is really happy for you.

    1. Hello There! So good to hear from you all. Congratulations on your new home. The Wallingsford section has some stunning homes and the Highgrove is no exception. Thanks for your kind comments about our home. We have been very pleased about the progress and both Kelly and Brandon have been the cornerstone of the experience. These Ryan blogs have been great especially the Yorkshire Endeavor by Mike P.--another neighbor of ours. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best of luck on your Highgrove, she's gonna be a beaut!