Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Her Personality Comes Through

It's been about a week and there have been sweeping changes at the homesite inside and outside.   One thing that was consistent and could always be relied on is all of the mud.   After we arrive at the homesite it's like walking through a minefield in order to keep the mud off the shoes.  Even after move in, since we were the dirt dust and mud from the homesites will be something we will be contending with until this phase if built out.

Today, we had some lines crossed and Amy thought that I was going to be at H&R block for taxes this evening, so she went out there this afternoon.   She ran into Brandon as he was doing the pre-drywall walkthrough with the folks across the street.   I had arranged to meet with Brandon tomorrow morning for a general walkthrough.  

Closet Doors
Master Bedroom Doors
There was a buzz of activity at the house.  All of the interior doors were being installed with the exception of the French doors to the study.   They had finished the masonry on the fireplace and from the pictures that Amy took, they're not too bad.   Interior stair railing was onsite ready to be installed and door trim was nailed in.   I'm assuming that the baseboard trim was going to be next.

Outside, there was progress once again on the siding and this time, they were getting the facade of the house.  This is the point where you get a glimpse of all of your exterior color choices and see how they all play together.   Brandon said that the siding folks  hadn't seen this color combination before and it really looked great.   Once the shutters are all  on the facade, the color combinations are going to pop.  Our siding friends were working on the front and back today.

Fireplace Done!
The eyesore-to-Amy fireplace bricking is now completed.  Actually it looks quite good.   I don't think that Amy will forget the sacrifice of a window to make this fireplace possible. 

We weren't too sure at first but we were very pleased at our exterior choices and how unique our Yorkshire B is going to look  from the others.   Brandon, see you tomorrow!


Guardian Keypad

Bathroom Vanity
Matthew in the double oven space
Progress is still marching along at the homesite today despite the fact that it was horribly muddy.  It had rained earlier and I did not see too much progress on the siding but cabinet folks had been busy.   All of my kitchen and bathroom cabinets were installed.  The Expresso cabinets were looking sharp!   At the same time, I'm hoping that expresso finish remains in vogue for a good long time.  Guardian had been in and installed the sensors and keypad of the alarm system.   It looks like the permanent fixtures are moving in!  The base coat of mortar had been put on the fireplace ready to recieve the fireplace bricks.  We're hoping for some fair weather.  Looking forward to seeing the siding folks finish the facade of the house.   It's going to look cool.

I had a longer session of Church today so, we decided to go out to the house and have a closer look at the work.   I had spoken to Brandon regarding the damaged drywall and the dip we had found in the basement concrete but we needed to make sure it would make it onto the to do list.  The vinyl floor had been installed---looking really good.

Downstairs Vinyl
Upstairs Vinyl
Part of the foundation in need of leveling.
We broke out the green tape and marked all of the problem areas in the drywall.  Afterwards, we took a level and charted the uneven area of the basement floor.  This we marked with a green tape X.   Though home construction is an approximate science sometimes, this floor issue is going to be a deal breaker.  If this is overlooked or not done, we will refuse to close on the house.  

I will contact Brandon for a walkthrough on Tuesday/Wednesday and go over some of the issues found.  I am not expecting too much pushback from Brandon about it. 


We got up early to get Mikey to his soccer game in Franklin.   Luckily for us it was his last game.  I am sure looking forward to sleeping in next Saturday!   The little team finally congealed and now it was time to go.   Makes me wonder what would happen if they played and grew up together.   They'd be unstoppable!

This thin board was put over the subfloor
Well, now that we were up, time to trudge on with the day despite the urge to go home and crawl into bed.  So, we went to the site after the game.  When we got to the site, there was a husband-wife flooring team putting down a really thin board on the floor of the house.  They would lay it down and spread mastic between the seams.   The siding folks were just arriving as we were leaving.

With temperatures up to 58 degrees over the weekend, it was a great weekend for working outside.   I think out siding guys used it for putting the trim down on the edges of the house. 

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