Sunday, March 24, 2013

Carpet and a Renegade Window

The Bunnies are King sized here!
What are the odds? Two mascots and we're not on vacation.
Because of no soccer games this morning, I did not have to get up too early on this lovely Saturday morning.   After a little breakfast, an Easter egg hunt and lunch at Chik fil A,  we moseyed over to the homesite not expecting too much activity but it was business as usual.   The carpeters were inside and the siding guys were finishing up the house and taking their scaffolding down.  Usually what begins my homesite visit is a quick outside picture from the same designated spot and this time, while taking this I noticed a broken window on the second level floor.   Before I had a chance to react to this, one of the siding fellas came up and told me that the window was broken when it slammed shut--hard.  They were in the process of getting a new lower pane.  The screen was all mangled, I do expect them to remedy this whole thing--freaking out was the last thing from my mind.

Wow.  When carpet goes in, that is usually one of the last phases for the inside.  It really hit home that they were very close to done on the interior.   The interior was OK for the most part, but we found a few dings, bad drywall that showed through the paint.  I am expecting that they will remedy that but will go over the interior slowly and break out the green tape to mark this.  Today was kind of hard with so much going on with the carpeting.

Two of the biggest dinks on the work is garage door to house entry door and the cabinets.   Because this was the main entrance for all of the work, the door posts were dinged up and there was a small dent on the door.   I didn't expect the door to be blemish free but I did expect it to be fixed to look perfect (yes, perfect).  Also, there was a dent on one of the kitchen cabinets.  For this price point of a house, I do expect better fit and finish and I am confident that Brandon will remedy that.  

But, now, with snow in the forecast, I doubt much will be done to the house on the outside.  I will take some time and do a pre walkthrough walkthrough.  I'd love to arrive at closing, knowing that I won't have too much to call Ryan Homes back for because it was taken care of before closing.   Hey, we can dream, right?

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