Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Brick Treasure Hunt

Happy St. Patty's day!  Nothing really goes on, but we like coming out to the house and poking around, even if we couldn't get inside.  There seems to be always something to look at or check out regardless of how accessible the house is.

With the siding finished, we wanted to check it out and see if there were any spots that needed rework.  With the ground still semi-muddy, we decided to leave it for another day.  I wandered over to our front-porch-to be and found that they had thrown the loose and broken brick over there.  It wasn't going to be a problem, I figured that they would have top filled it with gravel before pouring the concrete in the forms.   Now, for the broken brick, I thought it was a very earth friendly way of reusing resources.  However, in the mounds of broken brick were quite a few good bricks.   These good bricks cost a ton of money and I thought it was a waste to just use them as filler for a porch.  I pulled them out (there were about 100) out to be saved as spares and will tell Brandon my plan.   So folks, the likelihood of a small reserve of bricks at your home will be pretty high.  If you would like some of that retained, request it or check the site on your visits and save your bricks.  

There were about 100 of these bricks found.

Have you ever been to Home Depot and saw how much bricks/pavers cost per brick?  There will always be a project that you can do to improve your home that will look great made with the bricks that match your house.  


  1. WE have hundreds that we saved. We plan on building a mailbox tower with it later on...

    1. That's a great idea! We were just talking about that this morning. However, due to the HOA here, we aren't able to do brick mailbox towers. I'm thinking about flowerbeds though.

  2. Good tip on the bricks - I will have to keep my eye out now. You're right - bricks are expensive and I'm SURE I can come up with multiple uses for all that good "extra" material. Hey, we are paying for it!