Thursday, March 14, 2013

And Then There was Light(s)

This morning, I met with Brandon for a general walk through on the recent progress of the home. I was about 10 minutes late due to a new route and traffic, so I pushed Brandon's scheduled a bit.   
Dining Room Chandalier
Picking up from yesterday's posting, lighting had been installed in the house and now we have lights!   There was an odd trio on outside of the garage.  Two jelly jars and a torchlight.   Brandon and I did not understand the combination but knew that we had an extra garage light put in because it looks better that way. Maybe the discrepant light is a placeholder.  On the inside the recessed light areas were installed and for most of the rooms without significant light fixtures bulbs were installed.  The latter looks friggin ugly but we will be changing those out for nicer ones once we close.  Ultimately, all lights should at LEAST be goldfish bowls.  If I get my way, maybe I can get a disco ball in the Master suite.   

All of the drywall discrepancies that we had marked for Brandon were pretty much addressed and all were acknowledged.  We did reiterate the dip in the basement floor's concrete and Brandon assured me that they will be leveling that before any flooring goes in.

Overall on this phase, very pleased with Brandon's receptiveness of our self initiated QA check.   Though this is a pain in the butt for most PM's and very easy for homeowners to set their contruction on autopilot, this will lead to a more satisfied homeowner--especially for the anal-retentive ones.  For Brandon, rework after closing should be pretty minimal since we did QA from the framing stage.  Even though we are novices in the construction trade broke is broke and it doesn't take a genius to detect it.

Things coming up will be predominately external at this point most notably, the completion of the deck and the grading of the front and back yard.   So, that concludes the morning report.  Amy, the kids, and I will be heading out there again this evening to see the days progress.  Stay tuned!

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