Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Drywall: Tape and Mud Phase

Well, it has been a few days since I have written.   A significant thing about this phase of the construction process is that there is only so much that can be discussed about drywall.  The coolest part is seeing the walls come up and not only do the interior dimensions of your house start becoming real, the reality of closing starts hitting you.   Deb, from NVR, handles the closings has been great to work with. You have her direct line and a email that is very reactive.  Dean and Pam from the mortgage side has been coming back into the picture, with closing letters and dates solidified.  

The Changes are on the inside!

Here is the latest picture of the outside of the house.  If you're thinking about how much this looks like the pictures before it and it looks like nothing has been done to the outside, you're perfectly right!!  No complaints to Brandon and his folks but nothing really goes on with the outside of the house during the drywall phase.   I guess it is all about the insides, baby.

I haven't had a chance to take too many pics of the inside during this phase.   The last two times, I have been able to get in the house and look around but because the drywall team was working rapidly in the house, I did not want to get in the way and cramp their process.  From what I can tell, the work has been pretty good.  Remember, I said good, not perfect.  They have been working till about 6-6:30pm hammering and sometimes screaming at each other.   They're men of very few words, but they do give you the look telling you to have a look around and then get out. 

The frustrating thing about this phase is trying to get in and see the house during Brandon's work hours.   You pretty much have to take leave from work to make it happen.   From here on out, Amy's going to meet with him after dropping off Mikey and I'm going to take a few hours off each week to come and look at the progress.   With only 34 days till closing, it shouldn't be a big deal.  Wish us luck on the lock!

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